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Do you need to auto-populate forms? Are you an airline that wants to improve the performance of your Apps? Are you a gaming company that needs to on-board new customers? Are your HR or registration departments drowning in ever-increasing numbers of identity documents? Are you concerned about the Government’s ID assurance programme? Do you need to Know Your Customer? Have your processes been impacted by recent legislation changes requiring identity verification?

Look no further! The IDscan Mobile Application is an easy to use, off-the-shelf mobile application that performs, auto-filing, age-verification, verification and validation, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks in a matter of seconds.

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Collect and populate your Mobile APP Boarding Card in less than 1 second!

All processing occurs on your phone – secure, safe, quick, accurate and easy to integrate.
Cost effective annual runtime licenses available.

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IDscan SDK for mobile devices

The IDscan SDK and document library is available to existing IDscan customers.

Should you wish to become an IDscan customer please note that the IDscan SDK and document library is available purely on a business to business basis to established enterprises normally with existing mobile Apps – it is not available to integrate into a product to offer the technology as a service, for example if you are planning to offer Identity As a Service If you would like to understand our commercial terms please contact us.

Our SDK is available to established businesses such as:

  • Banks
  • Airlines
  • Government

  • Gaming companies
  • Financial services
  • Money transfer

  • Regulated businesses
  • Human resources
  • Insurance companies

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IDscan is always innovating

One of our latest patent applications is for a digital identity token.
We we call it IDPASSPORT™.

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5 Second Customer On-boarding

ID to full KYC in seconds with IDscan’s IDsmart.
IDscan’s mobile technology  is used at the front end of customer on-boarding, bringing automation, speed and efficiency to your business process. IDscan’s products deliver a cutting edge solution to on-boarding, KYC and AML requirements.


The power of IDscan in your hands

Mobile document authentication and customer on-boarding from Android and iOS devices.
Apps and SDKs available.


IDscan Mobile e–Passport option

Greater depths of trust and authentication can be achieved by reading a passport’s biometric chip using IDscan’s mobile technology.



Collect email addresses and mobile numbers in seconds

The SCAN NET Data Collector takes a live feed from your scanned IDs so that you can quickly add customer details to your profiles.

It allows your team to engage with your customers on the floor and invite them to join your marketing program by providing emails, mobile or other contact details, directly onto their existing smart phones or tablets. No extra hardware is required  

 Works on any Smartphone or Tablet
 Real time sync with Scannet Systems
 Easy to use simple interface
 Export the data as CSV
 Fast, Safe and Secure Process
 Update photos of your customers

 Updates your SCANNET scans with the data collected
 Enrol your customers and convert to members
 Select the data fields you want to collect

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About IDscan

IDscan Biometrics Limited is a UK incorporated company with R&D offices in Turkey and Lithuania and sales & support offices in London, Johannesburg & Melbourne.

We are both integrators and technology providers, an organisation with a singular focus towards identity – backed up by a team of just over 40 programmers and a growing portfolio of patents and innovations.

Using our cutting-edge technology, IDscan delivers an effective and immediate decision on a document’s legitimacy.

IDscan provides validation on passport scanners, document authentication, fake ID detection, ID checking, passport and driving license OCR.

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